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Team 166 finished 35th out of 78 in the Johnson Division with a record of 5-5. We had some issues in a couple of matches which led to us not being selected for the playoffs. Although we did not win any awards at the championship, our Impact team delivered their best presentations of the season.

Congratulations to everyone who competed this season, especially to the 4 New England teams who made it to Einstein!

We will be see you in the offseason.


As Chop Shop 166 raced off to the NE District Championship, we competed in the Wilson division in Springfield, MA, going above and beyond in every project we worked in. From the little repairs and scouting, to driving the robot, and presenting for the Impact Award, We put in a great effort this week. Even with a swerve module broken at our final qualification match, we still won 163-155, ranking 30th at the end of Friday.

Get ready for more from alliance four, as we raced along with teams 3467, Windham Windup, and 1768, Nashoba Robotics. We were however knocked out in Match 12 of the playoffs, with only a four-point difference.And just when we were already celebrating getting to Districts, things got so much better. Through the commitment of every single person on this team, Chop Shop 166 received the Impact Award at the Regional level, so we are going to Houston, TX to compete in Worlds for the second year in a row!!!

This has never happened before to our team, and we could not be more grateful for the opportunity to compete at Worlds. From April 19th to April 22nd, we will be cheering on our team, as well as team MAX 1071, Mechanical Advantage 6328, and TechTigers 3654.


Our team, Chop Shop 166, competed in the WPI District Event, in Worcester, MA, and we did amazing! We had a strong showing and ended the day in second place. The following day we finished qualifications as the 6th seed, and were invited to join the 3rd seed alliance by team 1100, Inverse Polarity. We then completed this alliance with team 173, RAGE Robotics. We were knocked out after two matches because our arm could not extend, but that did not stop us from giving our all. In fact, we were able to score a whopping 64 points in one match on our own!

But don’t get discouraged, because we had a huge turnaround during the Award Ceremony. Our team, Chop Shop 166, has been given the most prestigious award, the Impact Award. We are honored to have received this award, and are so thankful to have the people in our FIRST community help us get to where we are today. Fun fact: We got last year’s Impact Award exactly a year before we got this Impact Award!

We cannot wait to race off to the New England District Championship in Springfield, MA from April 5th-April 8th, and compete for the Regional level of the Impact Award.