Community Events

Our team holds many outreach events to connect with our community and teach them about FIRST. The many Outreach events we have are the 4th of July Parade, Build a Bike, National Night Out, Lego Summer Camp, and Brazil Fest. By implementing gracious professionalism and STEAM skills in our everyday life, our generation, and the generations following, can create an inspiring impact on our world.

National night out

We showed kids how high schoolers use STEAM to build a robot and make it fun within the community. Having the kids catch and throw balls to the robot connects them with what we do and our uses of STEAM. Little kids at the event got to control the robot from the current season, which gives them a glimpse at STEAM and how we use it in FIRST Robotics. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness for law enforcement, while also showcasing and promoting STEAM in the community.

lego summer camp

Merrimack High School

We meet with kids between ages 8-12 and let them experience how to build robots. We help them learn the basics of building and programming EV3 robots. They are given challenges that they will need to overcome with their robot. At the end of the week, parents and family members can come and see what their kids have done in the camp. Awards are then handed out. 

Monday was for introducing the kids to EV3 robots and completing the race. On Tuesday, the kids worked on making a robot that would joust. Wednesday and Thursday were the kid's final challenge, a maze. On Friday, parents and family members came to see the robots race, joust, and complete a maze.

Elementary steam days

Each group gets a randomly made island and then is given prompts that they have to create solutions for in 10 minutes. After each round, the groups get a new prompt until 3 prompts are completed. 

Along with these other things we gave the 4th graders a mini-presentation of what we do, what the robots do, and how it all relates to steam. 

The kids learned how to problem solve and how to work well in groups and had fun with STEAM


 We wanted to learn more about our community and connect with Brazil better. At this event, we demoed our robot while also getting involved with some of the activities they offered and the cultural food. We explained to a bunch of people what STEAM is and how to get involved. We also shared some of our team histories and talked about what FIRST is.

Halloween party

At Wasserman Park, we celebrated Halloween with families and friends by hosting a booth with games to play. Kids played a carnival game involving hula hoops and a football, while we explained to parents what robotics does. We presented to parents our various awards and our robot while giving goodie bags and Halloween treats to kids as rewards for playing. 

4th of july

On the 4th of July the morning starts off by demonstrating the season's robot at the annual pancake breakfast. Decorating the teams trailer is a fun tradition with the teams robot and game pieces adorning the float. We hand out candy throughout the parade and help with festivities at the High School.