Hosted Events

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Qualifier

FTC Teams come from around New England to compete at our high school. We set up a field for that year's game for the teams to compete on. Last year's game was played with two alliances of two teams facing off against one another. After the qualifiers, the teams play in a bracket-style tournament, with only a few teams moving on to go compete at the state level! This is one of two qualifiers the teams will partake in. With teams only being able to participate in two qualifiers competition is tough.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Qualifier

This year, 16 FLL teams gathered at our high school to compete in this event. There they compete in 2 practice fields and 2 competing fields. The fields portrayed a 2d simulation of a town, with the teams' creations on top of the field. When teams were not playing, they continued to cheer on. These cheers were especially raised during the final competition, showing a lot of enthusiasm for the people playing. At the end of this event, Innovative Ice Creams won the Robot Performance Award and Champions. Other teams were also handed awards. The Legendary Block Hounds won the Core Values Award, Gearscience won the Project Award, and Power Bots won the Robot Design Award. 9 teams from this event can now move on to the state competition.