Welcome to Team 166's Wiki!

This feature is being brought to you out of a need to ensure that everyone can access any the information about Team 166 that has been developed over the years.

As with every wiki out there on the internet, it is subject to change and so should be consulted often to ensure that the latest information has been delivered to you.

Parents of new Team 166 members: Team 166 welcomes you to a new world of adventure that has opened up to your child. We are excited about this new season, there are lots of new things to explore and learn. That being said, Team 166 would like you to explore the Parent Survival Guide. It will be mailed to every new team member in the fall and contains more information than is on the web version. Click on the link to view it's contents and get an advance view of what is in store.

Should you discover that there are discrepancies or errors of any kind, please inform us via the link to Team 166 Webmaster, or by sending a note describing the problem to: 166.FIRST@gmail.com.

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