This space will be used to list links for anyone interested to learn more about the software, as well as anything else we find interesting.

Our next meetings are:
Monday (2/4)At 6-8
Tuesday(2/5)at none!
Wednesday(2/6)At 6-8
Thursday (2/7) At 6-8
Friday (2/8) 3-6
Saturday (2-9) none
Sunday (2-10) 1-4

The 2008 Autodesk Visualization Design Competition:

Here are a few articles to look through and get ideas from:

     Bicycle Box for Safety

New Laboratory Robot Can Lift The Burden Of Boring Work

Organic Motion

Science and Technology Websites:

3D Modeling and Motion Graphics

     Cgtalk Forums
Autodesk Max Forum
Making of 300
Pixar Animation Process


     Modeling an eye

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