This group will, using state-of-the-art software (Autodesk 3DStudioMax) to create a 30-second animation that documents some aspect of the FIRST experience. The theme is set each year by FIRST, creating a script, storyboard and final animation.

Student Lead & Backup

The student lead should ideally have strong artistic skills and know 3DsMax well. They will serve as the mentor for that group, as well as individual contributor. Time management skills are essential, as the schedule for the animation package to be submitted follows a parallel 6-week time period.

  • Fall
    • Assess artistic skills of new members
    • Establish training sessions
      • Use as springboard for safety animation submission (December)
  • Build Season
    • Develop storyline
    • Create storyboard
    • Build animation (scenes, clips, etc.)
    • Stitch the 30-second spot
    • Package and submit the storyboard (precedes the actual animation)
    • Package and submit the animation

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