2008-2009 Season Build schedule

AnimationSafety Animation Announced12/13/2008-21-12
AnimationSafety Animation Submission12/9/2008-25-4
TeamKickoff, Learn The Year's Game1/3/200911
TeamLearn Rules/ How to Play1/4/200911
TeamDecide How We Will Play1/4/200921
TeamDetermine the Drive System1/5/200921
TeamDetermine the Manipulator1/5/200931
Captains/Mech/Elec/Sw LeadsOpen Kit Of Parts (Inventory them)1/6/200931
Animation, Drafting, Chairman'sInitial Meeting1/6/200941
Core DesignDesign Team Preliminary Design Review (PDR)1/7/200951
Electrical, Animation, Drafting, Machine, SoftwareStatus Review 11/8/200982
Core DesignDesign Team Final (Robot) Design Review (FDR)1/11/200992
ElectricalDetermine Robot Controls1/12/200992
StrategyInitial Meeting1/12/200992
Electrical, SoftwareStatus Review 21/12/2009112
ChairmanStart Chairman's Presentation1/14/2009153
Drafting, Software, Machine, AnimationStatus Review 21/18/2009153
AnimationAnimation Storyboard Due1/18/2009163
StrategyStrategy Review 11/19/2009163
DriveDrive Team Tryouts1/19/2009203
Electrical, Machine, SoftwareMachine Review 31/23/2009203
ElectricalStatus Review 41/23/2009213
ChairmanSubmission Essay Review 11/24/2009224
Machine, SoftwareStatus Review 41/25/2009264
AnimationStatus Review 31/29/2009274
ChairmanEssay Review 2, Executive Summary & Presentation Review 11/30/2009305
SoftwareStatus Review 52/2/2009305
TeamFinish Working Robot2/2/2009335
StrategyStatus Review 22/5/2009376
AnimationStatus Review 42/9/2009376
ChairmanExecutive Summary & Presentation Review 22/9/2009376
TeamWebsite Award2/11/2009416
Part of TeamScrimmage2/13/2009437
ChairmanPresentation Review 32/15/2009447
TeamShipping Date2/16/2009467
TeamWoodie Flower's Award & Chairman's Due2/18/2009487
ChairmanPresentation Review 42/20/2009518
TeamGSR Competition2/23/2009558
TeamSecond Regional or Championships (2 to 6 weeks later)

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