Configuration Management Team (CM)

This group is responsible for the overall organization of all manufactured parts, new materials (kit or purchased parts) and the process by which Team 166 builds the robot.

  • The members are responsible for creating and maintaining the Design Notebooks.
    • These notebooks document every detail regarding the production of the robot.
      • They identify the precise location of all parts needed to build the robot.
      Parts may well be ProE models and/or drawings not yet printed, manufactured parts from the shop or parts delivered in the official FIRST Kit of Parts (KoP).
      • The notebooks can be displayed at events to demonstrate to the FIRST judges the process uses to build it's machine.

Primary Responsibility

  • Tracks drawings and route cards for parts that are to be manufactured by the team.
  • Organizing the Design Notebooks so that any team member can find out what the status of a part is.
See the Parts Manufacturing process.
  • Parts Inspector
    • Ensures that team manufactured parts are built-to-print. Areas of concern are, but not limited to:
      • Parts are machined to specified tolerances.
      • Part quantities are correct.
      • If notes are made on shop drawings, these are conveyed to the ProE team for inclusion in the models.
      • Weigh part and enter data into the weight/cost spreadsheet.
      • Log the part's location in the Design Notebook
    • Inform Mechanical Team Lead of part status.
  • Ensures the closet remains neat and organized organized.

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