This group is responsible for the development of the mechanical components of the robot. They are responsible for the creation of the machine based on the teamís design. Additionally, they support the electrical and controls team for assistance with design and construction of mechanical assemblies for those subteams.

Student Lead & Co-Lead

The student lead should have strong organizational skills and know details of the robot electrical and control system. They will serve as the mentor for that group, as well as individual contributor.

  • Liaison between mentors and mechanical team members.
  • Help set direction of design based on teamís strategy.
  • Work closely with designers (Pro/E).
  • Interface between mechanical team and other subteams.
  • Schedule production of parts and assemblies to maximize productivity.
  • Monitor work progress to ensure timely delivery of components.
  • Help coordinate needs of controls team for software testing.
  • Keep mentors informed of changes to Plan Of Record (to be determined by overall team & strategy chosen)
  • Help identify training needs (mechanical drawing, pneumatics, design, math, etc.) and assist with scheduling sessions and work with mentors who will deliver the training.
  • Responsible for robot maintenance, upgrades during competition season.
  • Ensures all necessary tools, spare parts, etc. are assembled and brought to off-season competitions.
  • Assists in identifying potential Pit Crew members from Mech Team.

Individual Contributors

Team members are expected to work either alone on small tasks or with 2-3 other team members. Collaboration and the ability to work well with others is essential. Team members are not expected to know how to do every task, but are expected to ask for guidance from their team lead or mentors.

  • Work with team lead to develop assigned mechanical sub-assemblies.
  • Fabricate sub-assembly parts.
  • Be able to troubleshoot electrical/controls problems during design and competition.
  • Support electrical/controls team as needs arise (fabrication, installation, repair, etc. of add-ons, ie. Brackets, mounting of sensors, relocation of components).
  • Keep team lead appraised of work status.
  • No task is too small or insignificant.

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