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[++Team Advisor Job Function++]
[+Primary Functions+]
*Primary School Contact for the team.
*Obtain, organize and submit MHS required paperwork for fundraising activities.
*Obtain, organize and submit MHS required paperwork for Field Trips.
*Maintain team paperwork and student health forms (Green Cards).
**Primary responsible individual for students while on Field Trips.
*Maintain accurate team roster.
*Maintain accurate TIMS Personnel information.
*Book (through school) rooms at the school for build season, preseason, practice, events, etc.
*Arrange for A/V and other equipment for trainings, orientation, etc
*Focal points for Fingerprinting & Badging information for mentors
*Work to involve other faculty members
*Take attendance at team meetings and build season work days.
*Lead individuals with school-issued keys and pass code for the school and rooms
*Team liaison between Merrimack School District and team for help with school computer software/hardware requests, etc.
*Continuously monitor student grades
*Coach captains on creating agendas for & running Friday meetings.
*Coach students on advertising within the school (announcements, posters, etc).

[++BAE Liaison++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Primary interface between MHS and BAE Systems
*Lead of Finances for teams' main sponsor
*NHS Team Lead Mentor and organizer
*Back up to MHS Lead Mentors
*Lead Point-Of-Contact (POC) for BAE Systems information and sponsor questions
*Co-POC for internships at BAE Systems
*Satellite Kickoff and Unveiling POC

[++Lead RobotOps Mentors++]

[+Primary Functions+]

*Help train and guide captains
*Organize and help plan preseason trainings
*Set up and present leadership training for captains, leads and other team members
*Lead Interfaces between all subteams, mentors, captains and advisor
*Help lead the team to set the direction of design early in the build
*Help with updating, organizing and implementing good team processes
*Monitor work progress to ensure timely delivery of components
*Oversee packing of robot and tool crates
*Helps oversee the project schedule and identify potential problem areas
*Point Of Contact (POC) for machine work to be done at BAE Systems Canal St. Model Shop
*Secondary interface between MHS and BAE Systems.
*Coaches captains on keeping THE WALL updated.
*Assist (then coach) captains (and leads) with delegating work tasks during build season.

Lead 1
*Main/Co materials purchaser (Able to purchase materials with sponsor money)
*Lead Shipping contact (TIMS Shipping contact)
*Helps with website
*Helps with Machine training, back up of Machine Shop Lead
*Lead welding mentor
*Lead robot transportation personnel for Off-season events

Lead 2
*Build season schedule Lead (creator and overseer of progress)
*POC for BAE Systems Employees trainers
*Co-POC for internships at BAE Systems
*Co-materials purchaser (Able to purchase materials with sponsor money)
*Alternate TIMS contact
*Shipping contact backup
*POC for obtaining Engineering Notebooks for student leads

[++Lead Mechanical Team Mentor++]

[+Primary Function+]
*Help set direction of design based on teamís strategy
*Prime resource for Mechanical team student lead and members for mechanical aspects of robot.
*Guide and assist Mechanical Team student lead with monitoring work progress to ensure timely delivery of components.
*Support electrical/controls team mentors as needs arise (fabrication, installation, repair, etc. of add-ons, ie. brackets, mounting of sensors, relocation of components).
*Inform other mentors of changes to Plan Of Record (to be determined by overall team & strategy chosen)
*Adult support interface between mechanical team and Pro/E designers
*Adult support interface between mechanical team and electrical/controls team: coordinate needs of controls team for software testing.

[++Parent Booster Club++]

[+Primary Functions+]

*Leads for team finances (from fundraising and school money)
*Responsible for ordering team clothing
*Responsible for Awards night
*Awards scholarship to a graduating senior, along with help from any of the mentors.

Lead 1
*Lead for fundraising
*Lead for food
*Lead for parents boosters

Lead 2
*Lead for FLL POC (local and state)
*Helps organize all characteristics of the FLL event
*Travel/Lodging coordinator (lowest price researcher and team travel agent)
*Booster Group Treasurer

[++Lead Pro E Team Mentor++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Lead mentor for route card approval for drawings
*Help with Pro E features
*Help with properly documenting parts (See team Manufacturing Process)

[++Lead Machine Shop Mentor++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Lead machinist for the MHS machine shop
*Ensures proper training for all students for each machine that will be used for manufacturing parts
*Help identify training needs (mechanical drawing, pneumatics, design, math, etc.), help schedule sessions.
*Help students with route card process with Pro E drawings
*Monitor work progress to ensure timely delivery of components.

[++Lead Software Team Mentor++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Assists with training the software team for the build season
*Assists with organizing preseason training for software team
*Help with controls and electrical team
*Help lead the students in properly documenting software, flow design, and other software related documents
*Main POC Mentor for software needed on MHS computers and team laptops
*Monitor work progress to ensure timely delivery of components.
*Help guide direction of design based on teamís strategy

[++Lead Electrical Team Mentor++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Lead mentor for electrical team
*Helps with overall drive team controls
*Helps with robot sensors
*Helps with control/electrical/software training
*Monitor work progress to ensure timely delivery of components

[++Lead Drive/Strategy Team Coach/Mentor++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Lead mentor for drive team selection
*Lead for drive team training
*Lead for drive team build schedule input
*If chosen by drive team members, drive coach during competitions
*Helps team fully understand with robot and season's game rules.

[++Lead Pit Mentor++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Lead mentor for pit team selection
*Lead mentor in pit during competitions
*Assists student pit lead to create a work schedule for all pit members
*Oversees pit organization during the competition
*Helps with robot and season rules
*Helps create pre-competition checklist

[++Lead Web Team Mentor++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Help with team website
*Help with organizing and updating site

[++Lead Animation Team Mentor++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Ensures software (3ds Max) is installed and operational on FIRST lan
*Assists in the development of a training plan for pre-season
*Guides team lead in developing plan for fall safety animation submission
*Assists in the development of all submission materials (storyboard, final video, etc).

[++Lead Chairman's Team Mentor++]

[+Primary Functions+]
*Helps oversee chairman's group is on time with deliverables.
*Helps with proof reading deliverables and suggestions.
*Helps with team interest to pursue applying for chairman's.

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