Parts Manufacturing (Mechanical and Electrical/Controls) Procedure

Birth of a Part

  • Add to the Bill of Materials (Create 2 copies of Each)
    • Mechanical Parts
    • Electrical Parts
  • Manufacturing Parts
    • Pro E Drawings (3 per Part)
    • Get first drawing approved and scan original to get other 2 copies
    • Route Card (1 per Part)

Approval Process

  • Drawing Approvers
    • Pro E Lead
    • Captain
    • Mentor (with a Mechanical Background)
  • Sign off on all Drawings and Route Cards

Machine Shop

  • Inspector - Deliver Drawings (2) and Route Card to Machinist Notebook
  • Once part is Machined - send part with its Route Card and Drawing (1) to the Inspector
  • Keep other Drawing in Machine Shop Notebook (if there is only 1 drawing in the machine shop notebook then the part has been made and delivered to Inspection)


  • Deliver Drawings (2) and Route Card to Machinist Notebook (See Machine Shop)
  • Place last Drawing in Design Notebook (See Design Notebook Procedure)
  • Receive Part, Drawing (1) and Route Card from Machine Shop
  • Inspect Part & sign off on Route Card: If part is out of tolerance, enter Squawk on reverse, annotate front with Squawk #.
  • Once part has been inspected notify the Mechanical Team it is complete and put in the closet
  • Place Drawing (1) and Route Card into the Inspection Notebook

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