Pit Boss

The Pit Boss is responsible for the smooth operation of the Pit Area during the FIRST robot competitions. This will entail knowing the different sub-assemblies of the robot and what it takes to integrate these into a working final product. The Pit Boss must be able to clearly and concisely relate to other team members the tasks that need to be performed. The Pit Boss will also need to follow up to ensure that all tasks required for the successful operation of the robot are completed. The Pit Boss will also be required to relate to the various judges how the team and the robot work. This will require knowledge of how the team is structured as well the robot. Specific tasks are:

  • Tool Organization
    • Ensuring that all tools needed for competition are identified and packed in the tool crate previous to attending a competition
    • All tools returned to proper storage location when not in use
  • Pit Area kept neat and clean
  • Set up Pit Area
  • Layout of work areas
  • Open Crates
  • Unpacks Robot
  • Disposes of crate
  • Hang Flags, Banners, etc
  • Posts Practice and Match times
  • Oversee Robot Maintenance
    • Assigns tasks to pit crew members
    • Creates and maintains pre-competition checklist
    • Ensures robot is ready for competition when called
    • Markets the Team and Robot
    • Accompanies robot to inspections
  • Unpack marketing materials
  • 1st choice for talking to other teamís representatives
  • 1st choice for talking to the Judges
  • Post scores in pit area
  • Knows where off-duty pit members are

Pit Crew

The Pit Crew is responsible for ensuring that the robot is prepared to compete during itsí assigned matches.

  • Members must work together smoothly in cramped quarters.
  • Ensure that the robot is fully operational for all matches.
  • Interface with drive team to ensure robot performs to expectations.
  • Run post-competition operational test on robot.
  • Repair or replace all defective components on the robot.
  • Run pre-competition operational test on robot.
  • Complete pre-competition checklist.

Because the Pit Crew is assigned certain tasks during a FIRST robotics competition, their commitment to the team during competition is expected to take a greater amount of time than some other team members. The Pit Crew will be expected to be available:

  • Day previous to competition for pit area setup and preparing the robot for competition.
  • During the competition for any and all repairs.
  • At end of competition day pit crew is required to return all tools and equipment to their proper storage locations.
  • Two (2) members will remain in the pit area during matches to oversee equipment left in the area.
  • At completion of competition pit crew is expected to pack crates for shipment.

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