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The scouting team determines what information needs to be collected about other teams and the means to make that data useful to the drive and strategy teams.

[+Student Lead & Backup+]

The scouting student lead will be charged with recruiting and training team members to assist in scouting activities.
*Review scouting sheets used in the past & what is involved with scouting
*Continue student recruitment. 
*Work with the drive coaches & strategy team to design data collection sheets to be used at the competitions
*Determine how to communicate collected data to drive coaches & strategy team and design communication method. 
*Derive a scouting strategy to include how many people are needed each day.
*Determine where people will be stationed.
*Determine how long each person is needed (if not for the whole day). 
*Collect all materials needed for scouting during competition (clipboards, pens, copies of sheets)


*Ensure enough students will be present Thursday to scout practice matches & pits. 
*Compile basic data about each robot & communicate to drive coaches & strategy team by Thursday night. 
*Gather data about each team during qualification matches. 
*Communicate data about robots in our matches to drive team so they can strategize before the next match. 
*Assist drive coaches & strategy team in compiling a list of teams to pick (if we qualify) or which teams to solicit for being picked.
*Report data about opponents we will face during elimination matches before the first match of each.

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