Shop Foreman

This position is responsible for the overall operation of the shop. He/she is responsible for ensuring that shop operations are carried out safely, economically, efficiently and attempts to follow production schedules. The Shop Foreman is responsible for ensuring that materials needed are ordered and stored and tooling or machinery required is available and functional. He/she is responsible for keeping the shop neat, clean and above all, safe.

Additionally, the Shop Foreman works closely with the Mechanical Subteam Lead to determine work packages, material acquisition and establishing the part production schedule.

The student lead should have strong organizational skills and know details of the robot electrical and control system.

  • Work with designers (Pro/E) to ensure red-lined drawings are incorporated into final design documents.
  • Works with Mechanical Subteam Lead to schedule production of parts and assemblies to maximize productivity.
  • Monitor work progress to ensure timely delivery of components.
  • Keep mentors informed of changes to Plan Of Record (to be determined by overall team & strategy chosen).
  • Works with Mechanical Subteam Lead to identify training needs (mechanical drawing, pneumatics, design, math, etc.) and assist with scheduling sessions and work with mentors who will deliver the training.

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