This group is responsible for the development of the software component of the control control system of the robot. This group also coordinates non-robot software activities and updates the team on software issues and design of team applications.

Student Lead

The student lead should have strong organizational skills and know details of the robot electrical and control system. This person will serve as the mentor for that group, as well as an individual contributor.

  • Ensure software reviews are held and that the content of the software is inspected
  • Work with Electrical/Controls group to ensure test board requirements are met
  • Work with Design Group to provide feedback and input to robot design
  • Help set direction of design based on team's strategy
  • Develop and maintain software control flowchart
  • Define software module interfaces
  • Work with specialists,and individual contributors to ensure best use of team members and prioritization of tasks
  • Monitor work progress to ensure timely delivery of components
  • Keep mentors informed of changes to Plan Of Record (to be determined by overall team & strategy chosen)
  • Interface with other leads to coordinate software testing time
  • Help identify training needs and assist in developing and scheduling training sessions: work with mentors and assist in delivering the training
  • Ensure software documentation is generated and maintained
  • Communicate with the wider FIRST community by sharing code, algorithms, solutions, etc.
  • Assists in identifying Software Team pit crew member.

Student Specialists

Student specialists take responsibility for aspects of the software tasking under the direction of the student lead. They serve as subject matter experts. They may coordinate the work of others in their subgroup, make recommendations and report status to the lead, as well as be an individual contributor.

  • Help with training
  • Consult with student lead on tasking
  • Participate in software reviews
  • Ensure work is documented

Student Specialist(s) for Robot Operations

Responsible for working with student lead and mentors to coordinate robot software, including sensors, controls, manipulators and drive. Understands the code and serves as backup to all robot coders. Ensures that the best use is made of test time by working as tasked by the student lead on test plans, test checklists and schedules.

Student Specialist(s) for Development & Configuration

Responsible for working with student lead and mentors to ensure team computers and robots are configured with known versions of development environments and operational software. Helps troublshoot installation and networking problms. Capable of updating robot / DS firmware and verifying connectivity and firmware versions.

Student Specialist(s) for Support Applications

Responsible for working with student lead and mentors to coordinate the development, maintenance and promotion of non-robot support applications, including the dashboard, the team web site, the scouting database, and other databases and applications used by the team. This person ensures that reviews are held, and that team members are aware of support applications and their benefits. This person also, with mentor approval, may release applications on the Internet, including Sourceforge, Chief Delphi, and the team Web site.

Student Specialist for Software Configuration Mangement

Responsible for working with student lead and mentors to investigate, select and implement CM tools and procedures for the software group. This person also ensures that all subteam members know and follow the procedures. This includes tracking of software changes and software discrepancies, maintaining current baselines and tagging builds at appropriate times.

Individual Contributors

  • Work with team lead to develop assigned software modules
  • Be able to troubleshoot electrical/controls problems during design and competition.
  • Keep team lead appraised of work status
  • Follow team procedures for configuration control and documentation

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