The Tactics group can be broken into 4 different areas where student assistance is needed. Basic descriptions follow.


The rules team lead is responsible for keeping up to date with the rules:

  • Review each set of rule updates.
  • Update teamís master copy of rules.
  • Notify the appropriate team lead of a rules change.
  • Request clarifications of rules from FIRST.


The strategy team lead is responsible for coordinating the strategy team. Once drive team is determined, they become part of the strategy team. There are two phases to Strategy.

Pre-design phase (first Days1-3 of build)

  • Involves the entire FIRST team.
  • Studying the game, the field, and possible point scenarios.
  • From this analysis, a high level strategy should be developed.
  • Help drive the derivation of robot features needed to be successful.

Post-design phase (Weeks2-6)

  • Determine and refine a more in-depth strategy based on what the robot is designed to do.
  • Review rule updates and determine how they impact team strategy.
  • Review FIRST Q&A forum and determine if any clarifications affect the teamís game strategy.
  • Read the Chief Delphi forums on a regular basis to determine strategies being contemplated by other teams.
  • Plan strategies based on different scenarios, document these for review during the competition season.

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