RobotOps – Team Captains

These two student leads are the backbone of the team. They are responsible for the team’s effort to design and build a competitive robot within the budgetary constraints placed on the team by FIRST and the team’s major sponsors.

The captains are not expected to do all the work, but are expected to provide guidance and leadership, with assistance from mentors. They need to be aware of every operation from the planning that starts with kickoff and runs through to the last official competition. These leaders are the embodiment of the soul and spirit of the team, and should serve as examples, as evidenced by their leadership abilities and technical skills, to the rest of the team.

Primary Functions

  • Lead the team to set the direction of design
  • Interface between all subteams and mentors
  • Schedule personnel for work parties based on build schedule
  • Monitor work progress to ensure timely delivery of components
  • Keep mentors informed of changes to Plan Of Record (to be determined by overall team & strategy chosen)
  • Help identify training needs:
    • mechanical/machine shop
    • mechanical drawing
    • electrical
    • pneumatics
    • software
    • math, physics etc.
    • Assist in the development and scheduling of training sessions: work with mentors who will deliver the training.
  • Oversee the project schedule and identify potential problem areas. Advise mentors of adverse schedule impact.
  • Monitor progress of any and all events the team chooses to participate in.
  • Monitor the official FIRST website and other FIRST-related sites to keep track of rule changes, etc.
  • Monitor team budget in concert with Team Treasurer, ensure team efforts are constrained by budgetary limits.
  • Oversee / Assist with development of and updates to required documentation spreadsheets (delivered @ competitions):
    • weight
    • cost
  • During competitions:
    • Work with Pit Boss to verify pre-competition checklist
    • Ensure that all required documentation is completed and presentable
    • Know where all team members are at all times at competitions
  • Oversee packing of robot and tool crates

Summer Responsibilities

  • Schedule students for summer activities along with mentors and advisors currently including, but not limited to:
    • Battlecry – pit, drivers, etc.
    • July 4th – pancake breakfast demo, parade, midway
    • LEGO camp
    • Summer Science Activities
  • Schedule and help arrange team picnic
  • Attend mentor meetings to identify training needs for fall and other business of the team

Fall Responsibilities

  • Organize information night and orientation night with assistance from advisors and mentors
  • Determine goals of team along with team??
  • Continue to attend mentor meetings to assist in developing and scheduling of training
  • Schedule students for fall activities along with mentors and advisors, such as:
    • Demos
    • LEGO meets – regional and state
    • Other fundraisers
    • Community activities
  • Fall mini-competitions – pit, drivers, etc.

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