Contained herein are the training schedule and any syllabus' for Team 166.

For the coming season (2013-2014), the training schedule will be utilizing the VEX Robotics 2013-2014 Challenge, Toss-Up.

The details of the challenge can be found here Toss-Up

There will be three teams of students, each an independent group, although collaboration is encouraged. The goal is to introduce new team members to the art of game analysis, brainstorming, prototyping/proof-of-concept, design, construction, testing and competition. The VEX Robotics program has all the elements of what FRC offers, however, at a lower cost and shortened schedule.

As luck would have it, Pembroke Academy hosts a tournament, this year on December 7th, Pembroke Academy VEX Robotics Holiday Classic and entering a team is a $30 expenditure.

There will be some startup costs, primarily for acquisition of hardware for the three VEX kits (controllers, radios, etc.) that the team already owns. These costs have yet to be determined. Here is a link to hardware for research purposes. The first order of business in the fall will be to inventory our stock of VEX materials.

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