Chop Shop 166

Team Mission Statement

Chop Shop’s vision is to build a competitive and fun team environment that helps the community. We want to work together as a team to successfully educate and inspire a productive new generation, by spreading FIRST’s values throughout our neighborhoods and communities. We aspire to accomplish our goals and to have a positive impact on society for generations to come. 

Stop by at our Open House on Sep. 19th or watch us compete at our off-season event Mayhem In Merrimack on the 23rd!

At our Open House, meet the team and learn about what we do! We will be meeting at 6pm in the Cafe, stop by and bring a friend!


Want to learn about how our robot Frostbite works? Check out this interview from FIRST Updates Now!

Want to learn about our team? Watch this award-winning video that shows the essence of our team!

Watch our FIRST Championship Vlog, as our team navigates through Houston and goes up against the best robots in the world!

Most Current Team Attribute Awards


Exactly one year after previously winning the Chairman's Award, we won the 2023 Impact Award, getting the team racing off to the NE District Event!


Not even a week after winning the Impact Award at the WPI District Event, our team won the Impact Award again this year at the NE District Championships, giving us the ability to go to the World Championship two years in a row! 

Upcoming events


Merrimack High School

38 McElwain St, Merrimack, NH 03054