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Pine tree district event 2024

Chop Shop competed at the Pine Tree District Event in Lewiston, Maine from 3/15-3/17 at the Colisée. This was our robot Downforce’s first event. During the qualifications, we ranked 7th out of 29. We were then picked into the 3rd Alliance by team 4564, Orange CHAOS, later inviting team 8023 Argonauts. During the playoffs, our alliance made it to match 10 in the lower bracket. We are very proud of our drive team and how they did at this event.

We received three awards at this event: Woodie Flowers, Dean’s List, and the Impact Award. Our mentor Layth became a Woodie Flowers’ Semi-Finalist, our co-captain Tim received Dean’s List, and our great impact presenters helped us receive the Impact Award. We are extremely proud of our impact presenters for representing the team very well and allowing us to win Impact at the district level for the third year in a row.

On February 17th, the drive team members of CHOP SHOP 166 headed to Bedford High School to participate in the Week Zero event.  The annual event is a chance for teams to test their robots on an actual game field and for FIRST to test the game field in a real competition.

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Team 166 finished 35th out of 78 in the Johnson Division with a record of 5-5. We had some issues in a couple of matches which led to us not being selected for the playoffs. Although we did not win any awards at the championship, our Impact team delivered their best presentations of the season.

Congratulations to everyone who competed this season, especially to the 4 New England teams who made it to Einstein!

We will be see you in the offseason.