Chop Shop is a group that works with science, engineering, technology, and entrepreneurship. With these skills, we compete in a respectful and sportsmanship environment. The competition is run by FIRST, an international non-profit organization. FIRST believes in gracious professionalism, which is how we describe being generous, respectful, and fair to everyone. We additionally strive to educate communities with what we know, spreading FIRST's values and providing a positive impact on society.


Frostbite is the team's most recent robot made for the 2023 season. Frostbite is brand new and performed fairly well at our most recent events. With a telescoping arm and compression wheels for manipulators, our robot led us to be 35th out of 78 in the Johnson division's qualifications at Worlds. With its center of gravity exactly 1 foot above the ground, Frostbite almost never tips, and is able to achieve fast cycle times with its swerve drive.

(For more information about our robot, check out the robot tab above or watch our Behind the Bumpers interview with FIRST Inspires Now!)

If you would like to learn more about FIRST, you can view their official website called firstinspires.org. On their website, you can browse their many programs like FRC, FTC, and FLL.