In 1995, the team "Techno Insanity", one of our previous names before Chop Shop, was formed. 2001, our main sponsor changed from Texas Instruments to BAE, changing our name again to "The Blueprints." The following year BAE changed the logo to a car, and the name was finally changed to Chop Shop. The idea of checkers being added to our brand was first introduced in 2008. Checkers later became a pattern symbolizing our team spirit when students first wore checkered socks in 2015. Initially, our sub-teams consisted of Mechanical, Software, and Marketing, which was also known as Chairman's. Recently, Chairman's has split into two sub-teams: Marketing and Outreach. Marketing focuses on newsletters, websites, and essays, while Outreach reaches out to sponsors and holds fundraisers. Additionally, Chop Shop also has a sub-team called CAD, which stands for Computer-Aided Design. CAD is like a combination of mechanical and software, for as the name suggests, they use computers to digitally design robots.

Here is a photo from Chop Shop's first season in 1995!