Chop Shop 166

Team Mission Statement

Chop Shop’s vision is to build a competitive and fun team environment that helps the community. We want to work together as a team to successfully educate and inspire a productive new generation, by spreading FIRST’s values throughout our neighborhoods and communities. We aspire to accomplish our goals and to have a positive impact on society for generations to come.

Most Current Team Attribute Awards

Engineering Inspiration winner

Students had a very successful beginning last year, 2022, when they won the Pine Tree Engineering Inspiration Award, later continuing this trend to internationals!

Chairman's Winner

For the 2022 season, at the Pease ANG event, the team won the Chairman's Award, bringing the team straight to the NE District event!


During the New England District Competition, we won the Entrepreneurship Award, sending the team to The Houston World Championships!

Upcoming events

  • NE District Rhode Island Event: 3/3/23 - 3/5/23 (Week 2) in Glocester, Rhode Island.

  • District WPI: 3/31/23 - 4/2/23 (Week 5) in Worcester, Massachusetts.

  • NE District Championship: 4/5/23 - 4/8/23 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

  • FIRST Championship: 4/19/23 - 4/22/23 in Houston, Texas.


Merrimack High School

38 McElwain St, Merrimack, NH 03054