Robotics is known for teaching students engineering, science, and technology, but there are many more skills one can gain from robotics. When students in robotics are tasked with handling funds, they are also given an opportunity to gain experience in entrepreneurship and be creative to get fundraising for their expenses. Some of these expenses include supplies, robot building, competition fees, and travel costs. In robotics, fundraising can be just as fun of a challenge as building a robot!

Car Wash

The team hosts a Car Wash twice a year, once in the fall and the other in the spring. Here team members wash cars and also accept contributions from passersby and friends who show up to support the team.

hosting events

All funds made from these hosted events were primarily from concessions

restaurant fundraisers

Each year we partner with a local restaurant to work with. On this night, we get a percentage of their profits. This works either by customers using a promotional code at checkout or just going out and having a nice meal. Each time we have done this, we have raised around $500.

2023: Thirsty Moose, Merrimack, NH

2022: Chipotle, Nashua, NH

2021: Panera, Nashua, NH

2019: Panera, Nashua, NH

Calendar raffle

Since 2017, Chop Shop has hosted the February Calendar Raffle. Every day of the month is sponsored by different local businesses where residents purchase tickets, have tickets drawn and can receive the prize(s) for the day. This fundraiser brings together 30+ local businesses, Merrimack residents, and Chop Shop to raise $3,000-$5,000 each year.