Our Team

Chop Shop’s vision is to build a competitive and fun team environment that helps the community. We want to work together as a team to successfully educate and inspire a productive new generation by spreading FIRST’s values throughout our neighborhoods and communities. We aspire to accomplish our goals and to have a positive impact on society for generations to come. 

Want to learn about our team? Watch this award-winning video that shows the essence of our team!


The Chop Shop is a part of the Merrimack Community Robotics Booster (MRCB), a certified 501(C)3 Charitable organization.  The MCRB was created to help the multiple FIRST teams in Merrimack.  The 501(C)3 allows us to accept tax-deductible donations and to allow us to apply for grants from major organizations to help us further our mission to spread STEM throughout our community. For more information email us at 166.FIRST@Gmail.com.