ELBIT Systems of america

Elbit Systems of America was having a family night and generously decided to invite our team to show off our robot! we demonstrated our robot to all of the employees and their families. We also had the chance to ask the employees about their jobs and what they did. It was a great learning experience for the team.

Saint gobain

We first set up a field and showcased our robot to Saint Gobain. After that, we talked about our team, our achievements, our robot, how we made the robot, the game, and how much time we have to make our robot. We answered their questions, and then we were given a tour of their plant. We learned about how they create their materials, how expensive it is, where it goes, what it is used for, how their technology works, and how it is beneficial. They place a dome around a piece of technology, regulating the temperature and blocking its location from 3rd party users.