River Rage 2023

Our team, Chop Shop 166, competed at our last off-season event, RiverRage, on Oct. 28th at Manchester Memorial High School. As our robot Frostbite took its last spin on the 2023’s FRC field, we went 2-2 in qualification matches, seeding us 22nd overall. In the alliance selection, we were picked by our friends, AIRSTRIKE (78), to join Alliance 4. This alliance was capped off by our friends Team Inconceivable! (1729) and WildCards (811). As our team cheered on with great enthusiasm, our drive team did an amazing job, but we were ultimately eliminated after going 0-2 in the playoffs.

This event also featured a food drive where we donated 624 non-perishable food items. With our contribution, the teams hosting RiverRage were able to help raise over 1,000 non-perishable food items total in their food drive.Thank you so much to CHAOS 131, Crusaders 238, and PowerKnights 501 for hosting this event, we look forward to competing with you again next season!